Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking Point: United States Health Care

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The Event:
The health care debate begins. The mystery to be solved is how to get to a health care system that does ALL three of the following:
* Reduce Costs
Rising health care costs are crushing the budgets of governments, businesses, individuals and families and they must be brought under control
* Guarantee Choice —
Americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and health care plan they have, or to select a new doctor or health care plan if they choose
* Ensure Affordable Care for All —
All Americans must have quality and affordable health care

The Background
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Health care systems are designed to meet the health care needs of target populations. There are a wide variety of health care systems around the world. In some countries, the health care system has evolved and has not been planned, whereas in others a concerted effort has been made by governments, trade unions, charities, religious, or other co-ordinated bodies to deliver planned health care services targeted to the populations they serve. However, health care planning has often been evolutionary rather than revolutionary.[1]

To Consider
Clive Crook At the Financial Times
Shutting it down ( the health insurance industry) is not the purpose of the public plan, say its Democratic supporters: the public plan is just one more choice. This is disingenuous. If the public plan had to compete on truly level terms with private plans, how would it be able “to keep them honest”?

from Bloomberg
June 15 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama will try to convince the nation’s largest group of doctors today that his plan to overhaul the U.S. health-care system will lead to more efficient care and enhance the country’s fiscal health.

In a speech to the American Medical Association, Obama will endorse the creation of a government-sponsored insurance plan operating alongside private coverage while maintaining existing relationships between doctors and patients, according to an administration official who released background on the address on the condition of anonymity.

Tell your best ideas to your congress person.

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